Are your lemon plants growing at their peak and you want to double them? Here is the best method to obtain a second change in a practical, safe and efficient manner. Let’s look at the tip that will bring you considerable satisfaction over time.

grow lemons

Many people are passionate about growing small plants in the garden or on the balcony. However, not everyone has a “natural” green thumb, so to speak. This is why it is very important to receive advice on the best procedures to follow to achieve enviable results. In this article we will provide information on the most effective method to get    lemon plants    quickly and safely.

It’s not always easy to find the ideal location for your plants to grow best. The lemon, subject of our article,    prefers to be exposed to the south and fears intense cold    , wind and frost. It will therefore be appropriate to protect it as best as possible from these “dangers”. It also requires a good amount of water and fairly clayey soil.

The tip for lemons to grow optimally is to expose them    to the sun for at least a third of the day    . It must also be protected from excess humidity and, we repeat, wind.

Have you found the right location for your lemon and want to obtain a daughter plant with the same characteristics? Below we will show you    how to “multiply” the plant    ,    thus obtaining a lemon plant    in a short time. Here you will find everything you need to know.

Do you want to get healthy lemon plants quickly? Here is the method recommended by most experts

There are several methods for obtaining a    lemon plant    . The simplest is undoubtedly linked to seedlings. However, it takes time and if you are not very experienced, you run the risk of not producing the desired results.

However, there is a completely natural solution to obtain exceptional results in a short time. In addition, even those who are not very specialized in the sector will be able to obtain a lot of satisfaction in this regard. It will be important to follow the    method    that we are going to describe to you. It is adopted by all farmers and is absolutely practical, fast, efficient and economical.

lemon cutting how to grow

Let’s start right away by highlighting what a    lemon cut is    . It is nothing more than a    plant obtained from a branch of the original plant    . In practice, this is a real multiplication, making it possible to obtain a daughter plant identical to the original.

Do you want to know    how to make a healthy and quick lemon cut    ? Here is the tip recommended by farmers. Let’s find out all the details together.

Use this process and get a perfect lemon cut

There are better times to    prune lemons    . The month of March, and therefore the arrival of spring, is undoubtedly the ideal time to carry out this operation. If you want to get one or more lemon tree plants, simply cut one or more green,  healthy branches    , about 15 to 20 centimeters long.

lemon cuttings

It will be very important to observe if the    spots    are still present. With a knife, you will remove the leaves and not touch the buds. They are called    apical    , because they allow the seedling to grow in height. Not touching these elements is therefore very important for the growth of the lemon tree plant.

Still using a knife, it is imperative to cut the crust at the top crosswise. Drops of water should never “touch” the gemstones just mentioned. Basically, the cut should not be oblique, but horizontal. Here too, it is advisable to lightly cut the skin, removing the green part.

At this point, you will take a pot and fill it with    fairly moist soil    . The stake will be inserted halfway into the ground. It didn’t stop there. In fact, you will need to    protect the plant with a plastic bag    . It will be placed above the vase, so that the humidity remains inside. However, sunlight must reach the plant, without falling directly on it.

The lemon cutting will take root in just 30 days    . After a while,   buds    and    leaves  will also appear. This means everything is fine. Simply remove the protective bag and let the plant grow in the best possible way, protected from wind and direct exposure to sunlight.